Charltina's: Making A Difference 

                     ONE FABRIC AT A TIME, ONE HEART AT A TIME

The Charltonians of Second Life are definitely touching lives well beyond Fashion. Each year Lady Charltina and her vast family with her husband The Balladeer give money to such efforts as Cancer Research and Awareness, Autism, Parkinson's Disease Awareness, Lupus Awareness, Stroke and Epilepsy Awareness.

The Balladeer and Lady Charltina Married in real life on November 16, 2011.  They plan to get married in Second Life this year in November with their family and friends present. They are an incredible team that shares the Word of God together daily and ministers every Sunday through preaching both in 1st and 2nd life. They will be working closely with their Brother Silas and Others developing thr 1st Community Conference of Churches in Second Life.

Half of all proceeds at Charltina's go to help real life Seniors & Disabled Persons, since Charltina's 1st day in SL this has been the driving force of her company; to touch lives one fabric at a time.

Name:  Dave Ruby
Rez Day Dec 15, 2008
Position Held: Charltina's
Chief Photographer



I have no limitations on services I can offer due to restrictions set by 3rd parties.

Thank you,

Dave Ruby

Charltina Models are gifted men or women that have found themselves in the heart of; not just the joy of fabric wearing, they find themselves nurtured  and mentored by Lady Charltina Christensen. Over the years, numerous neophyte, seasoned, top models and supermodels have found their way into the door and heart of Lady Charltina. She has lovingly been called "mum" by her 1st daughter Top Model Helen Zhora. She is mother of Top Models, Screamer Silverfall,  Belladada Lexenstar, Barney Helendale, Blue Porchers, Kim Ronyu, Eavanya Firelyte, Angy Piers, Pjay,Virlay, and 42 others. Her Niece, Psylynn Quartz has been her encourager and Administrative Director and Personal Executive Assistant. Her Brothers are vast in fashion: Pyewicket Tiger,  Bobo MaCade Nanson and half of Boystown in Second Life. Her Brothers outside of fashion include DJ Shon Larrson, DJ Hush Law, DJ Sliden , DJ Velvet Voice, DJ Silas Gabardini and hundreds of others. Her Sisters in Fashion include: Vanity Philly, Zalmira Sassoon, Fireeyez Cortez, Starlaa and Sisters in the Entertainment field like DJ Jazz Singer Dakota Carolina, DJ Muzical Leandras, Hazelnut Jackson, Kemijah Renegade, and countless others.