Charltina's: Making A Difference 

                     ONE FABRIC AT A TIME, ONE HEART AT A TIME

Half of All Proceeds at Charltina's Go to Help Disabled Individuals and Seniors in Real Life. We have been blessed to now touch 30 countries and people's lives sending, wheelchairs, canes, food, encouragement and raising Cancer Awareness, Lupus Awareness, Autism Speaks and  more. We also are Pastors of Peaceful Waters in Real Life a Mission of Hope and We are Pastors of 1st Community Church in Second Life. Thank You for Helping Us bless many around the world.

~Lady Charltina Christensen, CEO, Charltina's

Wind Crest ~The Three Trails~
Takahito Eguchi & Noriko Matsueda, Shinko Ogata ("Final Fantasy X-2" Piano Collections)

Lady Charltina Christensen, CEO, Visionary, Fashion Designer is a multi- faceted Lady of Grace, elegance, and poise. She is the SL Partner and Real Life wife of the incomparable,romantic  Second Life and Real LifeBallad singer, THE BALLADEER. She is the SL niece of the renowned designer Lady Nonna Hedges.

Charltina has been mentored by some of the most creative builders and minds of SL history; Eladon Galsworthy, her SL Dad and developer of the famous Pondlife Table and intimate Furniture, Lady Charltina's SL uncle is Piedras Chama, the world renowned waterfall designer and owner of Natural Fantasies SIMs with her SL Sister Cryene Madonna, Brother Eye Dangle and Vuu Luann, co-owners of the Soulmates Creations SIM.

She has been personally mentored by Mr. Carter Giacobini, Super Model   and Super Builder of Jewish Museums.

She has mentored many, including long-time friend, V00 Ceres and others in the building and fashion industry, marketing, and business. She is considered an amazing Sim Marketing Entrepreneaur. She has helped numerous Sim Owners soar to real life incredible success stories.

Lady Charltina is CEO of Charltina's Modeling Academy and is a SIM Designer. She is married to the talented singer, THE BALLADEER her SL Partner and her real life husband. They actually have a true Second Life Cinderella Story in Real Life. Lady Charltina has been elemental in nurturing and mentoring successfully Models, Business Visionaries and encouraging new Designers. " Each day is a blessing to be lived, " she says.

She entered fashion design with a humble heart, to bring vibrancy to fabric. She quotes herself saying,: "Nonna Hedges will always be my standard of excellence for Gown design; many others have touched my life here in Second Life, but Aunt Nonna is my Muse."

"Fashion design is a collision of creative impulse and business principles in one challenging career" Charltina's Avante Garde, Haute Couture, uniquely styled for elegance and flavor.

Charltina is a breast cancer, ovarian cancer,  colon cancer, Lupus, 6-time stroke survivor; and although she is now 40 percent blind, she still has a vision of helping people and touching lives with all she does.

Charltina Sponsors for 2013 listed below:

Thank you all.


Thank you Mr BelleBelle from Bell Estates for being a platinum sponsor for Charltina's. Each year you have helped us make a difference. Thank you for your continued love and support over all these years. We at Charltina's wish you a successful and blessed new year. Our deepest appreciation for your continued support.
Thank you Chop Zuey for becoming a 2012-13 Sponsor of Charltina's. We thank you for helping us make dreams happen globally one fabric at a time. Lady Belle has been a long time friend we truly thank you for helping us help others with your donations of support. We pray your Holiday season is a blessed an amazing one. Thank you for choosing Charltina's and our vision for being a positive influence on lives.

Well V00Ceres is one of my oldest best friends in Second Life History. We have built magical sims together, created amazing moments that have spread over 7 years. We truly thank You V00Ceres for being an amazing friend and a Charltina's Sponsor. This journey is richer for you traveling it with me. Words escape me but I remember a moment..Smiles, "you were like you want to put what under the water?" laughs* Those moments were TREASURABLE and so are you. Thank you dear friend.

Thank you have a blessed NEW YEAR

We are very delighted to have Carmen's Shoes a long time Sponsor of Charltina's back with us again this year. Mahalee Breen, Owner of Carmen's Shoes is one of my oldest Sisters in Secondlife. We have been through so many adventures together in Secondlife, but our passion for fashion and uniqueness is a quality we both share. If you are looking for a unique shoe, I am sure you will find one at Carmen Shoes.
We thank Pondlife's IntimateLife for becoming a Charltina Sponsor for 2012-13. We sincerely appreciate you choosing to help us in our endeavors to make change in a postive way, one fabric at a time. Your partnership with us is appreciated. Eladon Galsworthy is my SL Dad, He is one of the best designers of menu driven dining tables in SL. You will find many things at Pondlife. All kinds of furniture, and decorations and trees.Take a stroll to Pondlife enjoy the beauty of Intimate Life.

Thanks so much! Mr. Paul Ge, CEO of Mainland Musical Instruments has been a long time friend. We are both avid supporters of music. Thank You Paul Ge for your supporting the vision to make a diffference. We at Charltina's are delighted to have one of the best musical instrument builders joining us in this endeavor. Thank you for becoming a bronze Sponsor. We know our friendship has been based on integrity and trust. Thank you for your support, as we touch lives one fabric, one note , one vision at a time.

Thank you Lady Dainie Fraina,  you are a beautiful ethnic designer with vision. We at Charltina's thank you for being a bronze sponsor. We look forward to a blessed year together sharing and growing in fashion focus and world outreach. Thank you for helping us touch lives in fabric.

We thank you. Mr Jake Kearny For becoming a Sponsor of Charltina's. Thank you for Joining us Jewelry by Jake for helping us make a difference in lives of people in a positive and real way. We appreciate you and thank you for choosing Charltina's. Have a blessed Holiday.

Serenity Groove Radio has been a true blessing to Charltina's. We are excited they have chosen this year 2012-13 to be a Charltina's Sponsor. You can listen in to their radio stream 24/7 with a variety of music and Christian broadcasting on Sundays at 10am and 4pm SLT on Wednedays for Midweek Service. So we absolutely know you will find something special at SGR Radio. Thank you for becoming part of making dreams come true. Special thanks to Mr Silas Gabardini and Lady Fifi Burton and all the staff at SGR Radio.

There is simply no question Brother Pye has been a wonderful friend, brother, and all around joy. Thank you so much for choosing to again this year be a Charltina's Sponsor. Your years of dedication to fashion , and for being one of the first fellow designers in Charltina's Couture Network. Here at Charltina's your invaluable trust and is immeasureable. We truly thank you for helping us continue to globally make a difference with fabric and couture networking. Thank you so much. Happy Holidays. Thank you for being a repeated Charltina's Sponsor each year.

One of my dearest best friends in SL Is Brother Bobo. He is my always confidante, silent encourager. Each year he has repeatedly looked over me as a true friend and Brother. When I became very ill years ago, he hopped a plane to check on me himself. I am grateful for his numerous years of support. We thank Him again for being a Charltina's Sponsor this year 2012-13. He can tell anyone the heart of what we do here at Charltina's is touching people one heart touch at a time.

There are no words for my 1st son Barney Helendale. He simply has been undauntingly loyal, and a quiet pillar of strength and we thank him for he is indeed a blessing to us as a Sponsor and leader in Charltina's family and businesses. He is a Top Model, and Executive Director of of Concerns & Charitied, but more so; his heart never wavers and his love is beyond words.

Thank you son for all you do. Your mom.

Thank you Brother Cole for your trust and support and deciding to become a Charltina Sponsor. Your contributions are so appreciated and we at Charltina's truly say thank you for your choosing to sow into what we do both in real life and in Second Life. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much for joining us FRACTURE as a Sponsor for the 2012-13 fiscal year. Your donation will enable us to help many more people. It is a joy to have Lady Minx Maggs, texture designer, friend and long time special sister to join us here at Charltina's in our endeavors to touch lives one fabric at a time. We thank you and wish you a blessed Holiday Season.

Mr. Dave Ruby is like an incredible gift to us here at Charltina's, with a bow. He often donates his time for photoshoots to keep us moving forward with our efforts to make a difference. He is like a Godfather to Me and a Brother across the pond. He has been really a joy and we are honored he has chosen for 2012-13 to be a Charltina's Sponsor. Thank you so much for all you do and Lady Issy here at Charltina's. Thanks for being a beacon so we can touch lives globally together.

We want to sincerely thank Mr Eagle Wilder for again becoming a Sponsor of Charltina's. His continued friendship is a diamond beyond measure. USC Textures is a 2012-13 Sponsor and we at Charltina's simply say thank you Mr Eagle for helping us continue to fly and soar to make differences in peoples' lives with fabric.

Each time I am absolutely amazed at the generosity of people and their faith in Charltina'a and the things we do here. I purchased a design from Mr Slash Hansome, for I was looking for another new runway for Charltina's. I purchased a small version and complimented him on his workmanship, and sent him a gift of a suit in appreciation. He turned around and gifted Charltina's a wonderful Majesty runway. Thank you from our home and hearts Mr Slash to yours. It is always a joy meeting new friends in Secondlife. Thank you so much.

We are delighted to have Generazioni become a 2012-13 Sponsor of Charltina's. We truly appreciate your support and our new friendships as we move forward to make a difference in ordinary lives. Generazioni also has a store located on Charltina's in the Christmas area of the sim. We are delighted to have them with us. May your Christmas and Holiday be blessed.
Thank you.

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